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On Your Sonic Journey to Wholeness at Serendipity Sounds

Welcome to Serendipity Sounds, Bali's premier sound healing and meditation sanctuary. Nestled amidst the beauty of Ubud, we offer a transformative experience unlike any other. Our mission is to guide you on a personalized healing journey that unlocks your inner peace and ignites your well-being.

Our Story

Serendipity Sounds was born from a personal quest for joy. Janice, the founder of Serendipity Sounds, was not on the path to sound healing or any kind of healing. Despite a successful career in digital marketing, a nagging emptiness made her realize she wasn't connected to her true joy. A leap of faith led her to Bali, where amidst the beauty, she rediscovered a lifelong love for music and song. This reconnection sparked a deeper exploration, ultimately leading her to the transformative power of sound healing. Now, Serendipity Sounds carries on that journey, aiming to help others release limiting fears, rediscover their inner sparks of joy, and find what truly brings them peace and fulfillment.

At Serendipity Sounds, we believe in the profound power of sound to heal, transform, and reconnect you to your authentic self. We utilize ancient sound healing wisdom alongside modern scientific understanding to create personalized sound journeys that:

  • Melt away stress and anxiety

  • Enhance mental clarity and focus

  • Promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation

  • Facilitate emotional release and balance

Our team is comprised of passionate sound healing practitioners and meditation guides, dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for your holistic journey.

Our Team

Janice Chan


Sound Alchemist & Founder


Hi there! I'm Janice

I'm a certified sound alchemist and meditation practitioner with a mission to ignite joy and harmony within you. Sound, I believe, holds the key to unlocking deep healing, transforming stress and stagnant emotions into a state of ease and well-being.

Weaving Sound & Wisdom for Optimal Health

My practice is a unique blend of Eastern wisdom and sonic artistry. I weave together the ancient knowledge of the Chinese Five Elements and Yogic Chakras with the power of sound to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into balance. Combined with my certifications in sound healing from around the globe, I'm equipped to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery through immersive sound meditations.


From Boardroom to Bali: A Journey of Joy

My path to sound wasn't always clear. Once a successful digital marketer, I felt a deep emptiness despite external achievements. Seeking a more fulfilling life, I took a leap of faith and embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led me to the vibrant shores of Bali. Here, amidst the beauty of Southeast Asia, I found myself "stranded" without a clear direction. It was then that I reconnected with a lifelong love for music and song, ultimately discovering the profound world of sound healing.

Blending Tech & Transformation

Today, I live my dream, weaving the power of sound and meditation into transformative experiences for others. My background in technology allows me to bridge the gap, sharing the science-backed benefits of sound and meditation with a wider audience around the world. 


Ready to Unwind & Uncover?

Ready to embark on a journey of rediscovering joy and clarity through the magic of sound? Let's create a symphony of well-being together!


My Certifications:


Globe Institute, California:

  • Sound Healing Certificate 

Sound Healing Bali: 

  • Sound Healing Module 1 + 2

Light Spirit Bali:

  • Kinesiology Levels 1 + 2

  • Sound treatments training Levels 1 + 2

    • Gong Workshop 2020

    • Pain Management using Sound bowls

Universal Life Church:

  • Ordained Minister


Jason Felitto

Sonic Alchemist


Hi there! I'm Jason

I'm passionate about sharing the transformative power of sound and breath to help you achieve optimal well-being. For the past decade, my journey in sound healing has taken me from the US to Southeast Asia, where I've honed my skills and deepened my connection to this practice.

Blending Eastern & Western Traditions

My exploration began with the profound experience of Tibetan singing bowls during a Vipassana retreat in Thailand. Inspired, I blend my classical music training from my conservatory days in the US with my studies with masters in Asia to create a unique blend of Eastern and Western soundscapes that are perfect for meditation, yoga, or moments of peace.

Sharing the Gift of Sound Healing

I offer both intimate and large-scale sound bath/meditation sessions, bringing the transformative power of sound healing to communities across the US (particularly the Massachusetts  area) and Bali, Indonesia where I spend half the year. 

Beyond the Sound

In addition to being a sound healer, I'm also a certified breathwork coach from Yogilab. Breathwork is a powerful tool for finding inner peace, improving physical and mental well-being, and perfectly complements my sound healing practice.

Ready to Find Your Sonic Sanctuary?

Whether you're in Bali or the US, I'd love to connect and explore how sound and breath can support your journey to deep relaxation and inner peace. Let's create a personalized soundscape for your well-being!

My Certifications

  • Boston Conservatory, USA: BA Music, Classical Piano

  • Berklee College of Music, USA: BA Music, Bass

  • Yogilab, Bali: Certified Breathwork Coach

  • Yoga Sound Therapy, Thailand: 50-hour Intensive Sound Healing Training

  • Light Spirit Bali: Vibrational Therapy Certificate 1 + 2

Our Clients

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