Janice Chan

Sound facilitator, Joy Instigator, & Fearless wonderer


My name is Janice.


I founded Serendipity Sounds to help people reignite their inner self-healing ability and guide them to bring changes for their highest good using sound from natural, acoustic instruments. 


I am also passionate about empowering people to do, feel and think what they want so they can live in their joy while not feel selfish about it.


While I only started practicing and presenting sound meditations since the beginning of 2020, I have found this energy modality to be completely aligned with what I want and what I can offer to people.


Learning, experimenting, creating and getting purposeful things done are what drives me. Coincidentally, presenting sound meditations gives me the opportunities to create, improvise, learn and best of all, help people.


I also have a knack for technology because I love being on the edge of change.  I spent over 10 years creating digital customer experience for a global hotel chain because it allowed me to be in the center of the disruption.  And throughout my career, I have led a variety of businesses (SAAS to finance) to transform their traditional business strategies for the digital customer.


My other superpowers are helping people find clarity, being resourceful and guiding people to turn ideas into smart action. 


I look forward to co-creating with you. 

My Training includes:


Globe Institute, California:

  • Sound Healing Certificate 

Sound Healing Bali: 

  • Sound Healing Module 1 + 2

Light Spirit Bali:

  • Kinesiology Levels 1 + 2 

  • Sound treatments training Levels 1 + 2

    • Gong Workshop

    • Pain Management using Sound bowls

Healing natural ocean sounds Bali
Happiness is

... coffee, curry, curry + noodles, hugs, jazz, laughter, love, meditation, magic, ocean, peanut butter & honey on toast, play, puppies, salted caramel ice-cream, sci-fi movies, singing, skiing, surprises,  Harry Potter

Joy is

...acceptance, being, clarity, connection, deep gratitude, feelings, freedom, honesty, love, non-judgement, surprises, vulnerability, wisdom, YOU & ME