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Sonic Alchemy: Breath & Sound Journey

A Powerful Breathwork & Sound Journey Combo with Jason & Janice

  • 2 hr
  • 2,300,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • Serendipity Sounds Studio in Ubud

Service Description

Prepare to embark on a transformative odyssey of self-discovery with this special two-hour session, expertly guided by Jason and Janice. Unwind with one hour of powerful breathwork, led by Jason, as you learn to harness the natural rhythm of your own breath to release tension, clear emotional blockages, and access deeper states of awareness. Then, let Janice's masterful sound journey, woven with the enchanting vibrations of gongs, singing bowls, and chimes, wash over you for another blissful hour. Immerse yourself in a sonic sanctuary, allowing the harmonious frequencies to soothe your nervous system, quiet your mind, and unlock a wellspring of inner peace. This unique combination amplifies the benefits of each individual practice: Breathwork's potent energy release lays the foundation for profound relaxation, paving the way for the sound journey's therapeutic immersion. Janice's carefully curated sonic tapestry builds upon the emotional release initiated by breathwork, guiding you even deeper into states of tranquility and self-awareness. Experience a holistic approach to well-being as your physical and emotional tensions melt away, replaced by a profound sense of calm and clarity. Embrace a vibrant inner landscape, free from the noise of daily life, where creativity, intuition, and self-connection can blossom. Invest in your well-being with this extraordinary two-hour session, priced at just IDR 2,300,000. This limited-time offering is your chance to: Release yourself from stress and anxiety Release emotional blockages and unlock new perspectives Deepen your relaxation and improve sleep quality Don't miss this opportunity to awaken your inner symphony. Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey of profound transformation with Jason and Janice!

Cancellation Policy

We cannot make a refund for cancellations or changes made less than 8 hours before the event time. However, you can transfer your booking/deposit to someone else (provided you find the person to replace you) or use it as a credit for a future session, and Whatsapp us at +6281367604926 letting us know if you want change at least 8 hours before the event.

Contact Details

  • Serendipity Sounds Healing Meditation Studio, Jalan Dangin Labak, Singakerta, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

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