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Serendipity Found 


Bali's Premier Sound Healing & Meditation Sanctuary, Awaits You. 

Uncover your inner harmony with healing sounds, breath & meditation. Embark on your sonic journey to joy today.


Feeling overwhelmed by life's noise?

Find your bliss at Serendipity Sounds! In our warm Bali sanctuary, we craft personalized sonic healing journeys using gongs, crystal bowls, voice & your breath. Expertly guided, these sessions blend ancient wisdom with modern science to melt stress, boost clarity, and reconnect you to your authentic self. Reimagine inner peace – learn more about your transformative sound journey below!

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Your Holistic Wellness Journey Starts here:
Sound Healing & Meditation 

Unlock Inner Calm, Deepen Relationships, or Embrace Change - Discover which personalized sound healing, meditation & breathwork program guides you there.

Quantum Sonic sessions | Sound Healing Bali

Individual Sonic Healing Journeys:

Our personalized sessions tailor frequencies and modalities to your unique needs. Choose from traditional techniques or cutting-edge Quantum Sonic sessions for solo or two people.

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Sonic healing session | Sound Healing Bali

Deepen Your Connections: Harmonic Resonance for Groups

Unleash your potential together. Choose from traditional options or discover the transformative potential of Quantum Sonic sessions, designed for three or more.

Sound healing and meditation session | Sound Healing Bali

Find Your Inner Calm: Weekly Sound & Wellness

Discover new tools for stress relief and inner peace. Explore the powerful benefits of sound healing, meditation & breathwork at our weekly classes.

Students learning Sound Healing

Learn Sound Healing

Learn techniques to support wellness in yourself & others.  Explore how sound can relieve stress, & how it is a healing tool.  Choose from our customizable, personalized training or join one of our regularly scheduled group workshops!

Wellness Retreat Bali | Serendipity Sounds

Elevate Your Retreat & Event

Deepen your retreat experience with Serendipity Sounds! Weave the transformative power of sound into your program, fostering connection and a sense of wonder. .

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The private quantum sonic healing took me on a beautiful journey through sound, I was taken to the sea, a forest with running streams... I can only describe as floaty and weightless. This was the best sound healing experience I’ve had! The space and location has such a lovely vibe. 

I'd never done sound healing before... I ended up doing one of the group sessions, and it was amazing! So much so that I started going once a week while I was there. 10/10 experience every time. It's so restful on your body, you leave feeling like you slept for a week. I highly, highly, recommend.

Ryan Michels,
United States

The experience was amazing! Janice surely has a way to calm our minds and soul with her melodious instruments and singing. I have trouble sleeping at night and this helps me a lot to soothe any negative thoughts. Will definitely come back if I visit Ubud next time!

Beach Meditation

Unlock the Secrets of Sound: Discover How Sound & breath can heal and transform.

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