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that you've stumbled on here. Come experience the transformative powers of sound meditations in the tranquil setting of Ubud, Bali

Experience how vibrations of natural sounds like gongs, crystal bowls, flutes and the voice can help you relax and focus.  

At Serendipity Sounds, we create immersive, energy balancing sound meditations to enrich your mind, body and soul. We combine the Chinese Five Elements and Chakras teachings with modern somatic science to entrain and balance you back to your optimal health and vibrancy.

Events Schedule + Private Sessions
  • Experience the power of sound therapy boosted by Quantum Energy

    1 hr 30 min
    1,600,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • Experience the power of sound therapy boosted by Quantum Energy

    1 hr 30 min
    2,200,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • Reconnect your body, mind and open your heart with sound therapy

    1 hr
    1,100,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • Share a memorable 1-hour sound journey with someone you love.

    1 hr
    1,600,000 Indonesian rupiahs
  • Host a private session for 3 or more people

    1 hr
    From 1,350,000 Indonesian rupiahs
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How does sound meditation work?

"When our bodies are vibrating out of harmony, we are vibrating in dis-ease" Jonathan Goldman

When your body is in dis-ease, it is the result of your natural resonances being thrown out of balance due to long periods of stress, lifestyle choices or undesirable environmental factors. Like an orchestra, when we are healthy, the various parts of our bodies are vibrating at their optimum but when one part is out of tune, the orchestra is desynchronized. Healing can happen when we reduce these irregular fluctuations by entraining our bodies with stronger harmonic vibrations from nature, or sound frequencies simulated by musical instruments.

Sound healing instruments ring, beat, sing to generate sound waves that entrain the various parts of our bodies back to their optimal vibrations.

Do you use special frequencies?

At Serendipity Sounds, we use instruments tuned to a variety of healing frequencies including 128Hz and 432hz. We also use harmonic chords like perfect fourths, perfect fifths to elicit the emotional states that will alleviate your mood.

Reach out to us if you have more questions.

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